Notes to Taxal Marriages

taken from Eyre and Phillimore Transcripts

1. Not in Phillimore

2. Several entries faded out

3. Seven lines of writing smeared

4. Possible marriage - not in Phillimore

5. One inch of faded writing illegible

6. About three inches of parchment cut out of page.

 7. `Memm 1768 - There seems to be no regular Register kept at Taxal during the time of the Civil Wars, and so on till the year 1656`

8. `Reginald Downes of Overton, Downes amd Taxal gent. = Jane dau og Henry Overton of Wilmslow 28 May 1656; Registered at Wilmslow.` (Earwaker)

9. `Cheshire - A Register Book for ye parish of Taxal for Buryalls, christenings, and Weddings.  I, Edmund Downes was shosen Register of Taxall the 5th day of June 1656 and appeared on and before Thomas Stanley, Edward Hyde and Henry Bradshaw, Justices of ye Peace for this county of Chester`

10 `Edmund Jodrell of Yeardsley (and Twemlowe), Esq. = Elizabeth dau of Sir Francis Burdett of Foremark, co. Derby 7 Nov 1661 (Ormerod`s Hist. of Cheshire, Vol III p. 787)

11. Hammery/Smatthurst from BT

12. Not in BT

13. The above entry is interlined and is written in different ink.

14. Mr Francis Lowe, rector of Taxal, buried 16 Dec 1672

15. The above entry is interlined

16. Licence dated from Macclesfeild ye 4th August

17. Three inches cut off from sheet

18. Handwriting changes

19. Licence dated from Manchester

20. Licence dated from Chester ye 15th day of July 1681

21. Licence dated from Manchester (W Eyre) Macclesfield (Phillimore) the 20th day.  The parchment of this (last) entry is much faded and worn away.

22. Licence dated from Macclesfield

23. After publication from Glossop

24. Underneath is written 16 Mar.

25. Married at Pott Chaple

26. After publication from Presbury

27. Licence from Chester ye 1st day of June 1685

28. Married at Mellor, Dby

29. Married after publication from Stockport - registered at end of Volume 1 & beginning of Volume 2

30. Registered at end of Volume 1 as Bradley & beginning of Volume 2 as Bradbury

31. Registered at end of Volume 1 Alice of Wayley & beginning of Volume 2 Alice of Taxal

32. Parts of this entry have been torn away. Phillimore has `Anne 2nd dau of Sir John Arderne, Kt. of Harden, married at S., 28 Oct 1686 to john Shallcross of Shallcross` (Earwakers Hist. of East Cheshire, Vol i p. 476)

33. `All to this month July are wanting`

34. `Note all the year 1697 is wanting......` Note at his point there was a 1711 entry which I have put in order.  This gives two entries for one marriage but with different dates

35. Shown in register as James & Mary Ollerenshaw, the surname Marchinton for Mary is from BT

36. Shown in register as Abraham & Sarah Lowe were married

37. Entry from BT

38.  Mary written over Elizabeth which was scored out

39. Entry from BT

40. BT has Lisnely for Livesley

41. No entries of any kind from this date until July 1726.  Handwriting changes

42. Handwriting changes

43. `Crewe Arderne of Manchester, gent, 2nd son of Richard Arderne, of Hardern, & Jane dau of John Gee of Manchester, 27 May 1734` (Earwaker, Vol I p. 476

44. Married at Saltersford Chapel

45. Date completed from BT as register torn away

46. The entry is interlined and in a different handwriting.  There is no date given.

47. Licence from Jona. Hanson, Sur.

48. "` The Register Books of Taxall Church appear to be very incorrect; and upon the whole it seems that very little attention has been paid to keep them  right; it would be well if the old Register Books were either wrote over again or sewd together; the leaves of this book are in a shameful manner; but upon examination this Register Book appears to have been made into this condition to answer some pusons own ends; I mean with respect to Regesters being taken away.` Q.M. 12 Nov. 1807 C. G. H de Manchester, Vice Rectoris de Taxall, Aug. 1848"

49. Signs Pott

50. Signs Coller

51. Signs Pott

52. Signs Pots

53. Signs Betty Peach

54. From BT

55. When not otherwise stated the parties may be considered to have been of Taxal

56. No date given - could possibly be 1810

57. `The marriage of Samuel Lapage on 29th June 1815, was performed by Jacon Cheesbrough, vicar of Stoke, who signs the Register.`

58. `Eldest son of the Rev. Charles Prescot, rector of Stockport.  He was presented to the living of Marple by his father, 6 June 1814, on the resignation of A. W. Eyre; and in 1820 succeeded his father as rector of Stockport, which he held until his death in 1875.`

59. Signs Trafford

60. Signs Boden